Tips for Increasing Riding Comfort for You and Your Horse

Summertime brings extended daylight to enjoy time with your horse. But it’s important to remain cautious of over-exerting your horse during the hot and humid summer months.

Here are some tips to increase comfort for you and your horse when riding in the summer months.

Start with wearing light-colored riding apparel while working with your horse and riding. The lighter colors will help reflect sunlight and keep you cooler. Also look for equestrian apparel and other clothing that helps wick moisture away from you while out in the sun.

For your horse it is important to train over several weeks in order to acclimate it to the warmer temperatures. Begin in the spring time by training or riding on warmer days so that by the time it warms up in summer, your horse is in better conditioning. It is important not to push your horse on the first truly hot day of summer.

When your horse is trying to cool down, it will start panting. So during the summer months include walking breaks during rides or practice sessions in order to help your horse cool down. These breaks will also allow their breathing to return to a normal rate.

Consider a moisture wicking saddle pad for your horse to help it cool down in warmer weather.

And lastly, check the temperature and humidity before going on a ride. Some days may be too much for your horse to safely go on a ride.

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