Here is What Clothing You Need for Horse Shows

Are you new to horses and unsure of what equestrian clothing you need for your next show?

Well, an easy way to think about what type of clothing you need is to simply start at the top of your body and work your way down.

First, get yourself the proper jacket and show shirt depending on the type of show you need. Consider how much range of movement you may need when planning for your next show or activity. Plus, don’t forget style — you want clothes within regulations and that match your own personal style.

Next, you need a proper pair of show breeches which are incredibly important as they come into contact with your saddle and the horse. The right pair of breeches will improve your posture on the saddle and help with grip.

And lastly, you need a comfortable, tall pair of riding boots (unless otherwise stated) so you can get a good feel in the stirrups.

Overall, you want clothes that fit you properly so you can focus on your horse instead of your outfit during a show.

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