Feature: Men’s Light Blue Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt

Are you looking for something slick to wear out on date night? Or do you have a man who doesn’t like to get “all dolled up” for a night on the town?

The Light Blue Button Down short sleeve shirt may be the answer you are looking for for your guy this summer.

This button down shirt won’t keep him overly warm regardless of where your dinner date is — inside or outside! It comes with a light, understated checker pattern to give the shirt some style and break up him monotonous closet of clothes!

The light blue color is perfect for any occasion too, as it can be worn to match with a pair of jeans or a nice pair of khakis or other dress pants.

Our Light Blue Button Down shirt also offers a differing style to regular polo shirts, as the button down is a full-length button down capable of matching nearly any outfit!

And best yet — this button down won’t break your budget and come with the Good Ride logo embroidered over the left chest, so your friends will know you are always down for fun!

If you don’t prefer the color, our After-Five collection has other fashion apparel, including full length button down shirts to match your style and each sport a unique theme!

For starters, we have a Black and White Island “On Tap” style shirt that features several beer tap handles on the front and back of the shirt, with the Good Ride logo on the sleeve.

And we feature several button down shirts that play on the golf, sailing, and motorcycle themes to suit your tastes and style!

This summer, check out our Men’s Apparel section for the perfect button down short sleeve shirt!

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