Clipping and Bathing Tips for Your Horse

Clipping and bathing your horse is not as easy as giving yourself a shave and a shower. Grooming your horse requires patience, common sense, and a whole lot of spare time.

Here are some tips to ensure clipping and bathing your horse is a safe, efficient, and positive experience for your horse.

For starters, remove the hose nozzle and start with the water on a low pressure level. Begin bathing your horse’s front legs at the feet and gradually wash up the legs, and to the hind legs if your horse is okay with this.

Once your horse is accustomed with you washing its legs, proceed to wash the rest of the body. As your horse becomes comfortable with the water, you can apply the nozzle. And save the head for last and leave the nozzle off for this step.

When clipping your horse, turn the clippers on while standing farther away from the horse in order to minimize the chances of startling it. And start with the less ticklish areas like the shoulders.

Always keep clipper lubricant close by and frequently spray the blades in order to ensure they are cutting smoothly. Also take occasional breaks in order to let the blades cool down.

But most importantly remember it will be easy to get frustrated while clipping and bathing your horse. Make sure to keep your cool and take your time as trying to force the issue will only create more problems down the road.

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