A Brief History of Show Clothes

Our show shirts and clothing at Good Ride is based in fashion; a fashion you take with you whether you are performing, working, or merely enjoying life.

And that is something we took from centuries of show clothes.

Dating back to the 1700s, designers of clothes made to be worn while riding a horse was based on military fashion and high fashion. Women (who rode sidesaddle) wore dresses or skirts while riding. Thus, riding clothes were often fancy and ornate.

The British, and especially the aristocracy, led the global fashion trends due to their long tradition with sports and horses. The aristocracy also needed proper riding clothes for practical purposes hunting on their country estates.

Over time, as more people took to riding horses the clothing was toned down, became more relaxed, and riding horses became less intrinsic in daily life through the industrial revolution. Horse riding was more a sign of relaxation, sport, and a component of shows.

Particularly, clothes used when riding horses became more mass-produced.

But since the dawn of the 21st century, fashionistas have returned their sights on show clothes and have drawn inspiration from traditional equestrian apparel.

Our show shirts at Good Ride are pushing show shirts forward with our sense of fashion and function while riding, and while living life with passion.

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