5 Ways to Style a White T-Shirt

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What’s more classic when it comes to men’s fashion than the white t-shirt? The answer is nothing, since that “boring” white t-shirt is the most versatile thing in your closet (or your boyfriend’s closet).

Here are 5 ways to utilize this classic in men’s apparel.

1. When it comes to style, nothing beats the classic white t-shirt matched with a pair of jeans. Sure, the look may remind some of the 1950s greaser look, but even those guys were cool back in the day (James Dean anyone?). Today, the white t-shirt and jeans has been modernized with a slimmer cut tee and nice pair of boots to match nearly any situation.

2. Besides wearing a pair of jeans, the white t-shirt look can look great when coupled with a denim shirt or jacket. This one doesn’t require much explanation if you recall the first look.

3. And why stop there? A white t-shirt with a blazer can provide a sophisticated, yet casual look that suitable for business meetings or nightlife.

4. When it gets a bit too chilly for just a t-shirt outside, consider throwing a heavy winter knit over top you. The contrasting style has something that’s just… cool.

5. And if you don’t have anything to throw over top your white t-shirt, don’t forget you can always tuck that baby in to most styles of pants (preferably a pair of slim trousers).

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