5 Tips on How to Store Your Clothes Away for Winter

With springtime around the corner, that means it’s also time to pack away winter clothes to make room for your warm weather items.


Here are 5 tips that should help as your make this welcomed rotation.


First, before storing away clothes for the spring and summer, make sure you thoroughly wash those items you are storing, including any jackets or other outerwear. Don’t forget to check all pockets and remove any stains. It’s probably a good idea to check on the state of your storage containers as well for any cracks or damage.


Second, when storing clothes be mindful of any potential bug larvae or moisture. Either can make it tough on your clothes whether using plastic storage containers or cardboard boxes.


Next, be careful when using mothballs. Children and pets alike are attracted to them. So take proper precautions and even consider alternatives (like cedar blocks) when using storage chemicals.


Also think ahead regarding any items that you plan on hanging. Some items like sweaters or sweatshirts may be damaged by long-term hanging.


And lastly, store your items in a cool, dark, and dry environment to make your clothes last. Keep them away from any potential sunlight or extreme temperatures.


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